Getting us into wars.

My grandfather John Cassidy was a man of few words.  I only remember two things from him on the subject of politics.

The first was — “Follow the dollar,” if you want to understand what is happening with government.

The second was — “Democrats always get us into wars.”

John Cassidy was a veteran of World War 1 in France and he was not a man to tell war stories.  When I asked him to, all he said was, “It was pretty terrible.”  And that was it.

I had to concede the point.  World Wars 1 and 2, Korea, Vietnam. . . pretty much encompassed the recurring nightmares of his life.  With his knowledge of World War I, how did he experience WW 2, Korea, and finally Vietnam?

Since then, not to be left far behind in the race towards even more death and misery. . . the Republicans have gleefully taken the lead on war. They can always count on the Democrats  generally sticking to the official program on national security issues.

We’re back full circle to the Democrats on this one.  Without a coherent plan evident to anyone, we are moving directly towards firing high explosive ordinance into a neighborhood of the world stocked everywhere with kegs of gunpowder and fuses just waiting to be lit.

How stupid do you think the world will judge this bi-partisan consensus on the role of war in the life of the United States?

Me, I say it’s time for spiritual warfare, full on, no holds barred, rosaries and novenas and processions with waving signs and banners and icons, ringing bells, incense smoking, and dowsing them with holy water.  Followed right on with multiple random acts of goodness, beauty and kindness.  Also. . . Even more carefully planned and implemented structures that propagate goodness, beauty, and kindness.

Why do we put up with insane structures of mega death on a continental scale?  Maybe we should just start living as though, you know, the Reign of God was an actual daily moment by moment reality here in Oklahoma City and wherever we are.  It’s seems to be a subversive thing to do.  It would be a grand under-mining of the systems of organized stupidity that so often throw up terribly complicated situations where there is no evident good guys but only a proliferation of bad guys.  Maybe then the systems of organized  stupidity won’t work so well because they no longer are what they were.

Demons who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls should watch out because we are coming after them to chase them back to the hell from which they came.  BY the way we live our lives. . . by the way we grow communities of purpose. . . Living as if the reign of God is a reality calls for a radical rearranging of personal, economic, and social realities.

It will be worth the effort.  “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.”

In the meantime, more short term, I pray every moment for all the people of Syria and that whole region of the world, that the fruit of Spirit will be poured out on them.  I want peace to prevail and evil to fail.  If someone can show me something I could actually do, I would do it. Bringing weapons of mass destruction to bear on Syria will solve nothing. It only serves the interests of the terrorists, who will see it as proof of their assertions about the U.S. It will drive them to propagate their own responses of violence, thus escalating the cycle of violence.

It is organized stupidity at work. Runnin amok I should say.

Don’t be quiet, say something about this. Talk to people at work.  Don’t take war for granted. Never give up on peace ever even when the bombs fall.  Make noise.

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