Who’s next on the hit list?

I sent the following letter to the Oklahoman last night.  RMW

The prosecution of Paul Jacob and others for the alleged “crime” of using out of state petition circulators, and the law on which that prosecution is based, are dangerous attacks on our constitutional right to petition for redress of grievances.(Grand jury indicts 3, October 3, 2007) The tradition of coming to the political assistance of others is well established in American history, law, and practice. Should Virginians have stayed home during the Revolution and not assisted the other colonies? Should people not have gone to Alabama in the 1960s to fight injustice? According to the legislature, and the Attorney General, the answer is “yes, they should have stayed home”. Their attitude is hypocrisy, since I bet that an examination of the contribution reports of every legislator who voted for this law and the Attorney General who enforces it, will show contributions from “out of state interests”. These politicians are evidently more interested in protecting their “culture of corruption” than they are in preserving our constitutional rights.

Our elected officials intend to control and limit the political choices available to Oklahomans. Anyone who disagrees will be punished. That’s why they want to send Paul Jacob to prison for 10 years for the “crime” of petitioning for redress of grievances “with out of state circulators”. Who’s next on their political hit list?

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