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Occupy USA — two months and counting

As we observe today’s two month anniversary of the Occupy uprising, we are surrounded by violence.  From everywhere we are seeing and hearing reports of police action against the Occupy uprisings from the west to the east coasts and points … Continue reading

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Occupy OKC is on!

Occupy OKC got underway Monday night, with a great general assembly and the first campout. somehow, even though Monday was a holiday, a permit (which usually takes 10 days) was miraculously procured. maybe someone at OKC Hall doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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Is this another bankers’ conspiracy? Cui bono?

As the crooks, thieves, and fools in Washington D.C. continue to bluster and blather about the debt limit, my thoughts increasingly turn to “cui bono?” Who is going to benefit from this? Well, if we do default, all those hedge … Continue reading

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Ash heap of history rushing closer?

Does something wicked this way come in the next six weeks or so? The news yesterday was that the congressional talks that were supposed to lead to a political deal that would permit a vote on increasing the nation’s debt … Continue reading

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