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The blunt truth about the present situation.

For irrational reasons, I always experience a surge of hope just before elections. Somehow, I expect something magical to happen.  Maybe all the independents and minor party candidates will win — Congress would be MUCH more interesting and helpful and … Continue reading

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How to throw the bastards out of office.

Politico’s Morning Money had an interesting quote from a market personality. . . NO! FEAKOUT! – Cumberland Advisors David Kotok, emailing form his high-level market guru pow-wow in Maine (Camp Kotok), where Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini called the Monday collapse. … Continue reading

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That was a lot of fun.

The first phase of the City Council election is now over, and it is on to round two.  Even though one of my candidates didn’t win, I am excited about how things turns out.  Dr. Shadid made it into the … Continue reading

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