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Rise up! Wail in the night! Lift up your hands to the Lord for your children.

With a tragedy such as the Orlando massacre, there is an urgency to come to an understanding of who is responsible.   I think that impulse at least in part comes from a desire to keep such terrible tragedies from … Continue reading

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A letter to the Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners regarding the security of our electrical grid

These questions are directed at all three of our Corporation Commissioners — Patrice Douglas, Bob Anthony, Dana Murphy. If this is not the right address to email for them, and if you are unable to forward this email, please inform … Continue reading

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An unwelcome and tragic reminder.

Today’s Boston Marathon bombings are an unwelcome reminder of the realities of this era.  Witnesses to the event said, “This must be what it is like in Iraq.”  And that’s true. This is what life has been like in Iraq … Continue reading

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One reason we’re heading for the ash heap of history.

This article… http://www.newgeography.com/content/002251-transit-the-4-percent-solution says that only 4% of American jobs can be accessed within a 45 minute travel time by mass transit. The numbers increase a bit as the commute time grows, to about 36% of jobs being accessible with … Continue reading

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Interesting Times

These are certainly interesting times. On one hand, we have the huge on-going oil spill in the Gulf. + Not a peep about any connection with terrorism.  I’m not saying it was terrorism or sabotage, but given the climate right … Continue reading

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