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Oklahoma “very low food security” increases 60% 2008-2010 over the period 2005-2007

The USDA report on food security was released today, and for Oklahoma, the news was bad.¬† See for yourself in table S-4 of the Statistical Supplement to the report — The number of households reporting “very low food security” rose … Continue reading

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Food deliveries last Saturday

Last Saturday we made 331 deliveries. 75 of them were to families of 4 or more. Here is what we delivered. Everyone got a bag with: Rice (2 lb) Pasta (1 lb) potatoes (5 lbs) 1 Can each of green … Continue reading

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The Les Miserablization of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City looks more and more like a Victor Hugo novel every day. This is one of my favorite rhetorical lines, and sometimes I get email after using it. . . “What does that mean?” Victor Hugo was born in … Continue reading

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Getting ready for poverty.

It looks like we are approaching “punctuated equilibrium” — a time when events and changes move rapidly¬†— the “old” crumbles and a new way of doing things settles into place. Only one thing seems certain about the present financial mess.¬† … Continue reading

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