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Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

It’s taken a couple of years. . . but this AM the news is in about the budget agreement. . . and it looks like the state of Oklahoma is finally reaching the bottom of its fiscal barrel.  To plug … Continue reading

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Oklahoma announces new financial meth high for roads.

Comes now the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, announcing the most giant ever super-stupendous financial methamphetamine high for road construction.  Not one word about a penny or two for mass transit or rail.  There does seem to be some money for … Continue reading

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Bashing the Oklahoma Constitution

Professor Spiropoulos’ rant against the Oklahoma Constitution (November 17, 2008, “Revisions Are Overdue“) is the latest attack by legal elitists on our state’s foundational document. The article is long on unsubstantiated generalities and short on substance. His basic message is … Continue reading

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