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A WARNING to the President and Congress of the United States of America, and to the Governor and Legislature of Oklahoma. On the Solemnity of Christ the King, AD 2013.

What do you mean by crushing my people, and grinding down the poor when they look to you? Says the Lord, the God of Hosts. Woe to those who build their houses on wrong, their upper rooms on injustice, who … Continue reading

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Total Moral Bankruptcy on Display for ALL to see.

The total moral bankruptcy of US foreign policy is now on display, live and in technicolor for all to see.  Led by the Hypocrite in Chief, the Tyrant Emperor Barak Hussein Obama himself himself, the nation stands shamed before the … Continue reading

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On destroying my landscape’s ecosystem: a minor elegy in a melancholy key.

When I moved to 1524 N  21 in Oklahoma City, there were flat mostly empty lawns.  Now a mini-urban eco-system flourishes.  It is beautiful, it is interesting, even during the depths of winter.  But alas for me and my little … Continue reading

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The Les Miserablization of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City looks more and more like a Victor Hugo novel every day. This is one of my favorite rhetorical lines, and sometimes I get email after using it. . . “What does that mean?” Victor Hugo was born in … Continue reading

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Getting ready for poverty.

It looks like we are approaching “punctuated equilibrium” — a time when events and changes move rapidly — the “old” crumbles and a new way of doing things settles into place. Only one thing seems certain about the present financial mess.  … Continue reading

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