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Frugality is the enemy!

Referencing the New York Times — When Consumers Cut Back –– Rod Dreher recently wrote Frugality is . . . the enemy? at his Crunchy Con blog. This produced an interesting series of comments, including this one by Yours Truly: … Continue reading

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OK, here’s a practical solution.

OK, it’s about time we had some practical solutions that might actually work to the present problem.  This may be about when I start sounding crazy like the Mogambo Guru but I’m willing to take the risk.  I think we need … Continue reading

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On liberation from the tyranny of cell phones.

I am enjoying my second day without cell phone service.  Someone said to me — “I can’t believe you cancelled your cell phone service, Bob”.  The answer to that is — “If I had known it would be so relaxing, … Continue reading

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Blood in the streets

How ungrateful of the markets. Here comes Congress and the Federal Reserve, who for all practical intents and purposes are dumping cash from helicopters all over Wall Street, and yet the market continues its stubborn way downward. Which just goes … Continue reading

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BETRAYED by Congress

Once again, we the people have been betrayed by Congress.  News is coming across the wires that the House has passed the Senate version of the bail-out of the corrupt thieves, thugs, and swindlers on Wall Street. Thus illustrating once … Continue reading

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The Amazing Populist Revolt Against the Financial Masters of the Universe

I thought the fix was in. So did the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. But an amazing coalition of liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans discovered that they did in fact have spines, and in response to the by-all-accounts overwhelming … Continue reading

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