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Ten principles of household and community food security.

We need to increase the quality of our food lives so that our food is safe, nutritious, and tasty.  Permaculture design can provide a description of the way forward into a more sustainable way of living that cares for people, … Continue reading

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Sobering news.

This weekend brought sobering news. The first is the occasion of the issuance of the 2nd quarter 2011 report by 72 year old Jeremy Grantham, who sits on top of $100 billion in managed assets as the head of the … Continue reading

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The Day After. 5 reasons the Democrats lost big.

Well it’s the day after the night before.  Another election cycle is over, and the 2012 campaign season starts immediately in this land of the perpetual political campaign. We wake up to a Senate controlled by the Republicans and a House of … Continue reading

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Fed continues to reward grasshoppers, punish ants.

The aristocrats at the Federal Reserve yesterday continued their “race to the ash heap of history” with their decision to keep interest rates low.  This rewards those who save their money (the “ants” from the famous Aesop’s Fable), and reward … Continue reading

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Cooperatives, Deflation, Peak Oil, Food Storage

It’s my opinion that cooperatives offer working people the best chance of preserving their economic opportunities going forward into the coming troubles.  Here is an article that explains how the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain carry out their worker-owned businesses. Mondragon … Continue reading

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Famine Watch

Here’s some light reading for you — the Famine of 2009 — confirming and reporting some of the issues I have been talking about over the last couple of years.  Empires always collapse first at their peripheries, and the upper … Continue reading

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