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The limits to complexity.

This is not exactly light and easy reading, but it is good reading.  I read Joseph Tainter’s book The Collapse of Complex Societies many years ago, and its understanding of the role of complexity in the rise and fall of … Continue reading

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Cooperatives, Deflation, Peak Oil, Food Storage

It’s my opinion that cooperatives offer working people the best chance of preserving their economic opportunities going forward into the coming troubles.  Here is an article that explains how the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain carry out their worker-owned businesses. Mondragon … Continue reading

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More on deflation.

The bad news keeps coming in. Nearly 1/3 of mortgages are under water, that is, the mortgagees owe more money than their houses are worth. Add in the mortgages that are “almost negative”, and we’re at 38%.  Here in Oklahoma, … Continue reading

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