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Gasland and the Battle Hymn of Fracking

I watched the documentary Gasland at the Red Cup last night, and it is now on my “must see” recommendation list.  I will never hear the claim of “clean natural gas” again without a feeling of revulsion. It’s clear from … Continue reading

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Death penalty for corporations now on Facebook.

Now on Facebook — We need a death penalty for corporations! Like it and tell your friends! Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on FacebookBuzz it upshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itBuzz it upSubscribe to the comments on this postTell … Continue reading

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We need a death penalty for corporations.

An article today at Bloomberg — BP Bankruptcy is Obama’s worst ni ghtmare — causes me to re-visit my thoughts from earlier this week on how we deal with corporations who commit crimes.  The more I think about this, the … Continue reading

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The Gulf Oil Leak Charade

The political charade about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico continues to the point of nausea. BP assures everyone it will pay all claims and make everyone “whole”. The government assures everyone it will make sure the situation … Continue reading

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Did European vaccine manufacturers conspire to start a swine flu epidemic?

I met Catherine Austin Fitts at the Financial Permaculture Summit I spoke at last year in Hohenwald, Tennessee.  I have been reading her Solari blog since then.  Today she reports a startling allegation that European vaccine makers conspired to start … Continue reading

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Oklahoma’s Corporate Welfare Queen makes out like Phat Rat.

Aubrey McClendon, head of Cheasapeake Energy, is making out like the phattest rat of all.  Even though the corporation has lost billions of dollars, his personally selected Board of Directors has awarded him one of the most generous CEO compensation … Continue reading

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11 proposals to curb the corporate crime wave.

In the days before blogs (1999), I wrote a little essay which enjoyed a brief “15 minutes of fame” on the internet.  Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, editors of the Corporate Crime Report, published it in one of their essays … Continue reading

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Separate and Unequal

One of the things driving us towards the ash heap of history is the “separate and unequal” system our aristocacies have carved out for themselves in our constitutional order. Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions of dollars, rests comfortably … Continue reading

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Devon tax grab sales through with only token opposition on the city council.

The Devon tax increment district tax grab sailed through the City Council with only one vote in opposition (Ward 5 Brian Waters). The representative from my ward, Meg Salyer voted “yes”. Not a promising start, from my viewpoint I guess. … Continue reading

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