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Rise up! Wail in the night! Lift up your hands to the Lord for your children.

With a tragedy such as the Orlando massacre, there is an urgency to come to an understanding of who is responsible.   I think that impulse at least in part comes from a desire to keep such terrible tragedies from … Continue reading

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12 reasons why I remain optimistic.

Here are twelve reasons why I remain optimistic in spite of all the bad news and scary stories. I am not in denial about the bad news, nor do I think we shouldn’t note and comment upon the situations coming … Continue reading

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The call to civility.

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Tucson, we are hearing many calls to “civility”.  The implication is that the increasing incivility of our public discourse perhaps had something to do with driving the responsible person towards his deed. … Continue reading

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Cooperatives, Deflation, Peak Oil, Food Storage

It’s my opinion that cooperatives offer working people the best chance of preserving their economic opportunities going forward into the coming troubles.  Here is an article that explains how the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain carry out their worker-owned businesses. Mondragon … Continue reading

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A thousand year decline in property prices?

Here’s a cheerful thought for this “supposed-to-be-the-biggest-shopping-day-of-the-year”.  According to Bill Bonner of the Daily Reckoning financial newsletter, after the fall of Rome property prices declined for a thousand years.  He doesn’t have a footnote, but they usually do their homework.  … Continue reading

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Where is this going?

The G-7 leaders are meeting “even as we speak” to come up with a plan to “save us”.  Of course, as in anything else political, the definition of “us” should be of interest to those of us on Main Street … Continue reading

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