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Five lessons to be learned from the failure of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

1. No good comes from hitching your political wagon to a team headed by a war criminal. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Honduras. Like the Mongols of old, we have been building pyramids of skulls, and that crusade has … Continue reading

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The Odds are Never in our Favor: the Bobaganda Guide to the 2016 Election

Here’s the bottom line on this election. We have the government we have, because we are the people we are. If we want a better government, a time when the idea of someone like Clinton or Trump being on the … Continue reading

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Two Parables from the 1990s for the 2010s — Behold the Welfare Mother and Food Stamps in my hand.

Is this decade called the teens? The tens? Anyway. . . I am going through a major decluttering.  Among other things, that involves going through boxes of memorabilia. Research in my files is kind of like doing archeology work.  I … Continue reading

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It’s not over until it’s over.

It was a carefully crafted photo-op moment.  The Tyrant Emperor himself himself spoke from the Sanctum Sanctorum of American government, the Imperial Oval Office, his desk swept clean of clutter— the very same desk where the previous Tyrant Emperor, George … Continue reading

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