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We have met the enemy, and he is us.

When I heard that organizers were encouraging people to travel to NYC for a climate march, I cringed. The greatest enemy of rational environmental and climate policies is not Senator Inhoff and his ilk. In the words of the immortal … Continue reading

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Big Freeze 2011

Since Monday night, we have been hunkered down as Oklahoma City goes through a Big Freeze.  Sure, if you live in Russia or Canada or Alaska, our 12 inches of snow and near zero temperatures (highs all the way up … Continue reading

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Recent weather events in Oklahoma.

This is a personal note (as opposed to a hair on fire rant about something stoopid that the government has done) about life in Oklahoma City these days.  We had the worst winter weather I recall in my 57 years … Continue reading

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A Chill Wind. . .

A chill wind blew into Oklahoma City yesterday, bringing much-needed rain, fog, and a definite turn to the weather.  Winter is on its way! My list of pre-winter chores is long and I haven’t been making much progress.  There is … Continue reading

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