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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On the good side. . . ground has been broken for a new organic garden on the White House lawn.  This undoubtedly is the most useful response of the government to the on-going financial collapse.  There’s been the typical sniping … Continue reading

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“In the Future”. . .

Three little words, in paragraph 8 of “Obama puts string on bailout bid” in today’s Daily Oklahoman, “tell all.”  AFTER the crooks, thugs, and thieves of Wall Street have fled, NOW we slam the door shut. It is the current … Continue reading

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Separate and Unequal

One of the things driving us towards the ash heap of history is the “separate and unequal” system our aristocacies have carved out for themselves in our constitutional order. Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions of dollars, rests comfortably … Continue reading

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The Amazing Populist Revolt Against the Financial Masters of the Universe

I thought the fix was in. So did the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. But an amazing coalition of liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans discovered that they did in fact have spines, and in response to the by-all-accounts overwhelming … Continue reading

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