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Leaving people behind for the wolves to devour.

Comes now Rep. George Faught, who tells us that helping its employees make charitable contributions is not a “core state function.”  I think that may mean that it does not reward friends of the Republican party, and it could possibly … Continue reading

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More debunks for the 100 years of Natural Gas myth.

Do you suppose we could get A. McClendon et al to give up their natural gas myth-making for Lent?  Not a chance of course, but . . . Anyone tempted to believe the 100 years of natural gas myth should … Continue reading

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Gasland and the Battle Hymn of Fracking

I watched the documentary Gasland at the Red Cup last night, and it is now on my “must see” recommendation list.  I will never hear the claim of “clean natural gas” again without a feeling of revulsion. It’s clear from … Continue reading

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Aubrey McClendon blowing smoke out his anus.

This is from the “One picture is worth a thousand words department”, and is an illustration for my post “The False Promises of Aubrey McClendon”.  Many thanks to Ray Barnes of http://www.smokytopia.com for the caricature! Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend … Continue reading

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The false promises of Aubrey McLendon.

Kunstler this week writes about Aubrey McClendon, who apparently was on a recent edition of 60 minutes orating about our 250 (or so) year supply of gas, methane gas that is from shale fields.  I’m glad I missed the original … Continue reading

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Oklahoma’s Corporate Welfare Queen makes out like Phat Rat.

Aubrey McClendon, head of Cheasapeake Energy, is making out like the phattest rat of all.  Even though the corporation has lost billions of dollars, his personally selected Board of Directors has awarded him one of the most generous CEO compensation … Continue reading

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