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An Alternative State of the City Message

by Bob Waldrop, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House Earlier this month, Mayor Mick Cornett delivered his annual “State of the City” speech, giving his”View from the Top Down” as to how Oklahoma City is doing.  This alternative presentation is a … Continue reading

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Envisioning Oklahoma City in 2020

A new blog, Envision 2020 “” Postcards from the future of Oklahoma City “” is a project of the Transition Town OKC group. It is a collaborative effort to “vision” our way forward through the coming challenges, which I often … Continue reading

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What if there isn’t a recovery?

So what if there isn’t a recovery? According to present economic practice, a recovery will occur when consumers start spending money, running up debt, reflating asset bubbles, and etc, etc, as in “we have heard this story before”. But what … Continue reading

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Developing your own personal economic bailout-security.

If  anything is evident right now, we are in uncharted economic territory.  The venerable Business Week publication reports that some economists are saying that the present round of lay-offs is the leading edge of a permanent structural change in our … Continue reading

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A visit to Bismarck (North Dakota, that is)

Wherever did I find this travel agent?  I never get booked for Hawaii in January.  It’s always somewhere in the north-lands.  And my timing was impeccable.  When I arrived on Monday the temperature was heading down towards zero, and when … Continue reading

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Saginaw Michigan Day the Second

I gave two presentations today to different groups here in Saginaw. This morning I spoke at the Houghton-Jones Neighborhood Community Center to a packed crowd.  This is a seriously economically depressed neighborhood.  Lots of empty lots.  Many of those lots … Continue reading

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Day 1 in Saginaw Michigan

I am in Saginaw, Michigan to present tomorrow on the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.  This area is known as the “Tri Cities”, composed of a triangle of Saginaw, Midland, and Bay City.  Saginaw Valley State University, sponsor of my trip, is … Continue reading

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My 5 billion mark German postage stamp.

“Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. ” The primary government response on the table thus far to the unfolding financial crisis is to dump money from helicopters all over Wall Street.  Supposedly, this is to … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here?

Mr. Market seems to be saying “thumbs down” to the future over the last couple of days since the election, with big declines yesterday and thus far today.  As I have repeatedly said throughout this crisis, the government hasn’t a … Continue reading

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20 tasks now that the election is over.

Now that the election is over, it is time to go to work. If you are happy about the election, the ideas below will help you do your part to heal the nation.  If you are unhappy about the election, … Continue reading

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