All Hail Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin — The most ANTI-LIFE Governor in Oklahoma History

While out of state for the SW Liturgy Conference, news became public of the latest machination of the Republican regime in Oklahoma City.  By Order of Governor Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin herself herself, insurance companies may exclude coverage of children during the first year of life. Read about it here.  Can you believe that? Let’s just take those uninsured babies, she says, and slam them up against a wall and get them out of our hair.  Well, she doesn’t say that explicitly, but that is the effect of this shameful partisan political pandering to the worst greed merchants in the insurance marketplace.  Who, by the way, gave her and other Republicans big piles of campaign cash.

If anyone needs proof that the Republican Party of Oklahoma is an anti-life political party, they need look no further than this.

And that’s not all on the Republican agenda this year.  They are set to give a nice tax break to higher income Oklahomans by raising the taxes on the rest of us.

  • Married families with 2 children making $25,000/year would see a tax increase of $647! Two child families would not receive a tax cut until their income tops $117,000!
  • The top 1% of households — those making more than $357,000/year — would receive the most benefit from this tax shift, receiving a tax cut of $2,833.
  • Read the details at the Oklahoma Policy Institute fact sheet on the tax shift.

Two days ago I reminded the bishops of the scrutiny of God on their works. It looks to me like the Republican Party of Oklahoma needs a reminder.

For the Lord of all shows no partiality, nor does he fear greatness, because he himself made the great as well as the small, and he provides for all alike; for for those in power a rigorous scrutiny impends.

I am starting to wonder how long it will be before social unrest breaks out in Oklahoma.



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