Your Oklavore Christmas Gift Giving Guide part the first.

I have posted the first two parts of my Bob’s Ye Olde Bon Appetitin Oklavore Christmas Gift Giving Guide —  Part I — the Stocking Stufferings .   Part II — the Extravagant Gifts . Part three — the “$6 to $25 gifts will be posted Wednesday morning.

I encourage everybody to shop locally for Christmas and to look for opportunities to support local artists, craftspeople, and makers of artisanal body care products, not forgetting our farmers and ranchers too.  If you are in Oklahoma, and are not a member, please join the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. This month 102 different Oklahoma producers are offering 4700+ products for your shopping enjoyment.  I do nearly all of my Christmas shopping from the convenience of my own office.  No driving to ugly malls, parking in a giant 80 acre parking lot, and waiting in a line of 20 people to check out. Simple, quick, convenient, and easy.

If you’re not in Oklahoma, look for something similar in your area.  Here’s our Directory of Local Food Coops in other states.

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