Where do we go from here?

Mr. Market seems to be saying “thumbs down” to the future over the last couple of days since the election, with big declines yesterday and thus far today.  As I have repeatedly said throughout this crisis, the government hasn’t a clue and is doing all the wrong things.  And they are re-writing history in the process!  They claim their actions are the opposite of Hoover et al 1929-1932, but in fact, they are doing exactly what Hoover did, which was pour money (gasoline) on the financial fire by attempting to prevent the liquidation of the unsound investments of the 1920 bubble era.

Catherine Austin Fitts has a good thread going at her Solari blog about big and little picture economic/political options at the present time.  I also like the Genesis Project proposals, which focus on preventing any more big picture financial scams/schemes, and forcing total transparency on the financial system so that people can actually know the risks of a given institution or investment plan.

The problem with all of the big picture solutions is that they require the government to get a clue.  Thus, while we can advocate and organize, we need to invest more in the household and local.

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