Yahoo decides to drive away its customers.

I’ve been a Yahoo customer for many years.  I have so many Yahoo groups to tell you how  many I would have to go look at them and count them.  I use My Yahoo for my computer’s home page.  Generally, I’ve been satisfied with the experience.

BUT that has changed.

Somebody at Yahoo Hq decided it would be a good idea to degrade the functionality of the My Yahoo page in order to drive people onto their newest bright idea, the Yahoo Toolbar.

So my bookmarks, which have always been in the right column of my computer’s home page, where they can be easily accessed, are now supposed to be on the Yahoo toolbar.  And while they remain on the my yahoo page, they’ve been scrambled, so they are no longer in any particular order. There is no way to unscramble them and reorganize them sensibly, apparently.

There is a link which says “Looking for your old My Yahoo bookmarks?” When you click on that link, all you get is a generic Yahoo help page, and when you search for bookmarks, no sensible or useful returns are given.

So I downloaded the Yahoo tool bar, and found that it is a spam laden scam with features I neither want nor need, and it is at least two clicks to get to my book marks, as opposed to having them displayed for easy access with zero clicks on my My Yahoo computer home page.

To make matters worse, most of the blogs and RSS feeds I have on the My Yahoo page no longer automatically download. Instead, they display “Temporarily Unavailable” and I have to actually click on a link to get it to display.

About the only thing that still works on the My Yahoo home page is the calendar and the stock portfolio.

So I’m looking for a new home page for my computer. And I have stopped clicking on ads displayed on Yahoo products.  I have always done this since, being a free service, I felt it was a good idea to send them some ad revenue.  But if they are going to make a deliberate corporate decision to chase away their customers and degrade the functionality of the My Yahoo page, they’ll get no ad clicks from me and I encourage others to do the same.

File this one in the corporate stoopidity file as “New Coke”.

10/25/11 update:  I’ve switched for now to iGoogle which seems to do what i need done for a computer home page.


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  1. riverglorious says:

    This is the silliest thing. Yahoo hijacked my bookmarks, too and it says that they are exclusively available through their toolbar. I’m not going to download the toolbar and have Yahoo take over my browser.

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