Oklahoma “very low food security” increases 60% 2008-2010 over the period 2005-2007

The USDA report on food security was released today, and for Oklahoma, the news was bad.  See for yourself in table S-4 of the Statistical Supplement to the report —

  • The number of households reporting “very low food security” rose to 7.5%, up from 4.7% 2005-2007, an increase of 60%.
  • The number of Oklahoma households reporting “low” or “very low” food security rose to 16.4% of Oklahoma during 2008-2010, up from 13% in 2005-2007.

The national average for very low food security was 5.6%; for the combined low and very low food security households, the national average was 14.6%.

The report states that 41% of food-insecure households do not participate in any of the federal government’s nutrition support programs.

Which illustrates one of the truths of these times. There’s not enough to go around and so those who are weakest and least able to compete are left behind for the wolves to devour.  There is always money to give to the richest families in the state so they can buy an NBA team. There is plenty of money to fight unjust wars at a cost of trillions of dollars.  There is never a lack of funds to fly congressmen and governors and other Important People around the world to demonstrate how important they are. Corporations have plenty of money to pay bloated salaries to their presidents and CEO while laying off line workers and squeezing the rest on their salaries.

But there is never enough to resolve the issue of hunger —  most likely because of all the money we are spending on wars, corporate welfare, and etc ad nauseum. This is what life is like at the end of empire.

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