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When I’m not railing at the financial masters of the universe, criticizing the US Catholic bishops, teaching permaculture, managing the Oklahoma Food Coop, directing the music at Epiphany Church, or afflicting the comfortable amongst the powers that be here in Oklahoma City and elsewhere, I organize deliveries of food to the poor who don’t have transportation and have basically fallen through the cracks of the safety net.  We do this every month and have done so since 1999.

And so it will come to pass on this coming Saturday, Oct. 25, we have about 275 or so deliveries to make to the poor who don’t have transportation here in the OKC area. We meet at 9 AM at the Dorothy Day Center, 4909 N State Street, OKC. This street runs into NW 50th along the east boundary of St. Charles Parish. This is typically a 2 to 3 hour commitment, depending on how many deliveries you want to do.

These deliveries go to some of the poorest and most fragile people in this area.  You would not believe some of the stories we hear. Sometimes they are hard for me to believe, and then we knock on the door and find out that things are worse than the story told to us. We have a lot of elderly people on our list who are raising grandkids or great-grandchildren, and it’s often 5 or more kids plus one grandparent.

We will do our big holiday deliveries on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and the Saturday before Christmas, if you want to “save those dates” and come out and help us.

We’re also looking for about $3,000 so that we can include a bag of potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery with all of the holiday deliveries.

Many thanks to Mary Freeh, and the students at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Okarche, who have committed to make holiday boxes of hard candies for all our Christmas deliveries. I think she is asking people to save one pound folger’s coffee containers that they intend to paint and decorate for the holidays and then fill with candy. If you are in the OKC area, and use that brand, you can leave them at Epiphany Church to my attention, or drop them off on the front porch here at 1524 NW 21st (southeast corner of N McKinley and NW 21, it’s the house with a forest instead of a yard.)

If you can help with these extra holiday expenses, please mail your check, payable to Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, to 1524 NW 21, OKC, 73106. Or you can send a donation via PayPal, using a credit card or e-draft on your checking account, to  .

If you are in the OKC area and want to donate non-perishable food, you can leave it at Epiphany Church or on our porch. If anyone happens to see a “killer deal” on canned hams in the OKC area, let me know in private email at  , because we’d like about 120 of them if we can afford them. 

We typically have full size hams or turkeys for families, but for single people living alone we like to at least include a canned ham.  Plus members of the Oklahoma Food Coop donate money for us to buy food from farmers, so we usually also give the folks who are not getting turkeys a pound of grass-fed beef hamburger.

We make a little bit go a long way, the miracle of feeding a multitude with 5 barley loaves and 2 fishes is never far away from us.  We always seem to have just enough, thanks to the mercy of God and the generosity of ordinary people. 

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