One reason we’re heading for the ash heap of history.

This article…
says that only 4% of American jobs can be accessed within a 45 minute travel time by mass transit. The numbers increase a bit as the commute time grows, to about 36% of jobs being accessible with a 90 minute transit commute, but that of course would require 3 hours of transit time every day, which is a pretty heavy time burden.

One of the problems is that everywhere you go, bus and other transit routes all lead downtown. e.g., here in OKC, if I live in the 73132 zip code along bus route 8, and want to go to Mercy Hospital, I have to go all the way downtown, then all the way back out on a different route to Mercy, and retrace that convoluted route to get home. It would be a lot simpler, and faster, if there were a lateral route connecting portions of the 73132 zip code with the Mercy Hospital area, and all of the jobs in that area, without having to go downtown.

And even that route 8 is a problem for job seekers, since it stops at Wilshire and Lyrewood, and thus for all of those jobs on NW Expressway, OKC Metro Transit isn’t much of an option.

The conclusion of the article is that there is no fixing of the system. I disagree with that conclusion, but I think the data is important for planning purposes. Oklahoma City needs a transit system that can get workers to work and shoppers to shop, irrespective of the price of gasoline. Without such a system, we are all at the mercy of terrorists and fascists in the Middle East who hate us and everything about us with a passion we do not understand.

The time to develop your alternative transportation system is before the price of gasoline hits $10/gallon.

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