Two Endorsements for the Oklahoma City Council Races

Election day is this coming Tuesday, March 1st, and I hope everyone takes the time to vote. Well, assuming you live in Oklahoma City.  Every election is an important event, and as has often been stated lately, “elections have consequences.”  The results of previous Oklahoma City elections are clear — we are looting the entire city to benefit wealthy and powerful special interests.  Critical infrastructure necessaries go unfunded, while we plan and build grandiose monuments downtown.

It’s obvious that the city  establishment is running very scared in this election.  The past couple of days I’ve gotten post cards from Meg, from the sheriff, from the mayor, and from the OKC Chamber of Commerce. I never knew I was so popular.  Of course, the Chamber postcards don’t say that they are from the Chamber, the return address is the “Committee for Oklahoma City Momentum,” but that’s the Chamber of Commerce.

Meg’s mailings are  accusing her opponent of doing the bidding of powerful special interests.  How hilarious is that?  She should know, since she herself is a creature of special interests and does their bidding rather than upholding the common good and the general welfare.

Meg’s campaign finance reports clearly show that Oklahoma City’s phattest corporate welfare queens are paying well for her vote.  Devon Energy, Chesapeake, Aubrey McClendon himself himself, all have given her multiple thousands of dollars.  They know what’s on the line, and are bankrolling her (and others) to make sure their gravy train of taxpayer dollars continue to fatten their own bank accounts and enrich their corporations at our expense.

For these reasons, and others too numerous to repeat here, much to the relief of my readers, I am endorsing Adrian VanManen and Dr. Edward Shadid for election to the Oklahoma City Council.


Mr. VanManen is a neighbor here in Gatewood, and is running against Meg Salyer, he will get my vote on Election Day.  The downtown establishment is making many vicious allegations about him, warning of secret conspiracies and predicting doom — that shows how scared they are of losing control of their piggy bank.

OK, I admit the obvious, some may find this endorsement strange, since Mr. VanManen is  (apparently) a conservative.  Well, so what?  Politics often makes for strange bedfellows. The issues on the Oklahoma City table are not really conservative versus liberal, the primary issue is the downtown fat cat  parasites versus everyone else.  And in that regard, Mr. VanManen is against the  special interests who loot the city for their own benefit.  That’s enough for now for me.


I had a long conversation with Dr. Shadid recently on the phone, and was really impressed by his long-term commitment to Oklahoma City and his understanding of the role that sustainability concepts can play in local government issues.  I don’t live in his district, so I can’t vote for him personally, but I can certainly encourage people who live in his district to go and vote for him.  He would bring an important perspective to the city council that is presently lacking, and he is also opposed to the looting of the city to benefit the downtown special interests.


I have long contended that much of the controversy these days is manufactured by the powers that be for the purpose of keeping We the People divided. It’s an old ploy, we can read about it in Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, which was published in the venerable year 1515 AD.  It works, because we let it work.

So Meg and Mick and their downtown cronies are playing every divide and conquer trick in the book, scaring people with booger-monsters allegedly hiding under beds, so they can distract us from the real agenda they support.  We the people need to rise above their shrill emotional hypocrisy and join hands across these manufactured partisan divisions, and understand where our true allies may be found and who the real enemies of the common good are.  And if we are surprised by who we find on the side of goodness and wisdom, so much the better.

The Rev.  Dr. Martin Luther King used to speak of building the “beloved community”, and Election Day 2011 is part of that journey.

We can vote for beauty, wisdom, and goodness, or we can vote for corruption, privilege, and graft.

We can vote to support the common good and the general welfare, or we can vote to fill the pockets of Devon Energy, Chesapeake, and the OKC Chamber of Commerce with our hard-earned dollars.

We can stand together, or we can fall divided onto the ash heap of history.

I know where my choice, and my vote, will go.


In other news. . . Tomorrow (Saturday the 26th), I and others will be “voting with our bodies”, as we do our little part to build the beloved community by delivering food to low income people who don’t have transportation to get to a regular food bank.  Folks can join us and help by showing up at 9 AM at the Dorothy Day Center, 4909 N State.  And the February newsletter of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House is now online at .  This is the publication we distribute each month with our grocery deliveries. This month is a special edition on GARDENING and contains part 4 of our on-going series Survival Strategies for Low Income People.

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One Response to Two Endorsements for the Oklahoma City Council Races

  1. Tom Elmore says:

    The “spin” being put on Meg Salyer by her campaign bosses is hilarious.

    Prior to her election to the council, friends in her district assured me of two things: (1) She would probably be the next mayor and (2) She fully understood the OKC Union Station issue and would take a strong hand in preserving the rail yard there to be central Oklahoma’s transit center.

    Instead, Salyer pretended “advocates for Union Station had never been clear about what they wanted to preserve” — and did nothing but obstruct any effort at the rail yard’s preservation.

    Strangely, Hon. Rocky Anderson, then-mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, fully “got it.” In an interview with KGOU’s Scott Gurian, he called ODOT’s plan to destroy the state’s historic rail passenger center for the sake of four miles of unnecessary urban expressway “insane!”

    Longtime World Bank Transportation Economist Malise C. Dick also fully grasp what so readily eluded Councilwoman Salyer. He said, point blank that the ODOT plan violated every world-recognized standard for an acceptable project. “It’s the worst plan I’ve ever seen,” he said.

    Dallas Area Rapid Transit board member Dr. Dan Monaghan pleaded with Oklahoma leaders to recognize the mistakes made in DART Rail’s development: Notably that they’d allowed the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Dealey Plaza to take half of the longstanding Dallas Union Station rail yard prior to development of the DART Commuter/Light Rail system.

    “You’re gonna need ALL of your rail yard,” Dr. Monaghan warned, “and sooner than you think.”

    Meg Salyer is a cowardly disgrace and a reproach to the citizens of Oklahoma City — who willingly played dumb and “looked the other way” while the vandal/debt kings at ODOT destroyed the last, grand urban rail center in the West boasting all its original train-handling space.

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