Gas prices zooming

Well isn’t this just special — a quick zoom up in the price of gasoline.  I know we are all comforted by the fact that Mick and Meg and the rest of the OKC City Council have responsibly and prudently with great foresight put in place an effective public transportation system that can get us to work and to shop irrespective of the price of gasoline.  I know that I am very comforted by the knowledge that if the price of gas gets too high, I can simply step out of my front door, walk a couple of blocks, and catch a bus to work.

OOPS!  I forgot which reality I was in.  The previous paragraph was about a hypothetical alternative reality Oklahoma City where our leaders were wise and frugal and prudent.  But this is the real reality Oklahoma City, where our leaders are busy gilding lilies and putting lipstick on pigs and filling the wallets of their cronies like Aubrey McClendon with phat welfare checks.  Our bus system is primitive, and it will literally be more than a decade before it gets much better. 

Well, if you are upscale enough to live downtown, you’ll see some relief quickly as we spend $100+ million of MAPS 3 money downtown.  But if you are an average Joe or Jane Six Pack, without much wiggle room in your budget, chances are you won’t have access to bus or trolleys or trains for maybe 20 years?  By which time, we will long before have hit the ash heap of history, so the question may be moot anyway as there won’t hardly be any jobs to take the bus to, and its doubtful the bus will serve the homeless shanty towns that will certainly become a feature of our landscape.

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