Total Moral Bankruptcy on Display for ALL to see.

The total moral bankruptcy of US foreign policy is now on display, live and in technicolor for all to see.  Led by the Hypocrite in Chief, the Tyrant Emperor Barak Hussein Obama himself himself, the nation stands shamed before the world as the last ditch support for tyrants who murder their own people, detain them without trial, torture innocents, and make a mockery of every moral value we hold — or rather, are supposed to hold — near and dear to our hearts.

Where was our Tyrant-Emperor himself himself when the Egyptian secret police kidnapped and murdered — they beat him to death! — a young man named Khaled Said for the  “crime” of possessing evidence proving police corruption.  It’s easy to think about this in the abstract, but how about we try some solidarity, and imagine how Mr. Said must have felt as he was tortured. What were his final thoughts and prayers?  What would your final thoughts and prayers be if you were being beaten to death by corrupt police for no cause?  What if it were your son or your daughter?

Look, if you dare, at the face of Khaled Said — before the Secret Police, and after.

This is what we have been supporting in Egypt lo these many years.  Our tax dollars paid for the batons the secret police use to beat Mr. Said to death.  Your tax dollars at work.  Read about it in the newspaper.

Why do we continue to have diplomatic relationships with a regime that commits such atrocities?  Why don’t we send an unambiguous message to the people of Egypt that we are on their side?  The answer is simple.  We are not on the side of the Egyptian people. Or rather, we the ordinary people may support the Egyptian people, but our government is on the side of the Egyptian oligarchs and their Pharoah.  As the people of Egypt groan and the hand  of the Lord points in judgment and says, “Let this people go,” the US government standss in solidarity with Pharoah and says, “No, we will not let these slaves go.”  Our leaders’ hearts are hard as stone, our Tyrant Emperor and his aristocratic cronies in the Democratic and Republican  parties are deaf to the cry of the poor and oppressed in Egypt.  As tyrants, our leaders stand in solidarity with their fellow tyrants.

We the people of these united States had best beware.  How long will the patience of the Lord continue with us?  How many more atrocities will we encourage and pay for before the God of justice and judgment sends ten plagues upon this nation to teach us the error of our ways?

Seven more countries where your tax dollars are  busy at work subsidizing oppression and evil.

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