Toking on a small white pebble, desperate to get high.

On Wall Street today, the market zig-zagged like a drunk on a binge.  It reminded me of people I have known who have sadly gone down the tubes with various kinds of drug addiction.  I remember showing up at one person’s house, and he was on the floor, feeling around, peering at little rocks, to try to find one more little cocaine rock to smoke.  He couldn’t believe he was actually out of drug, surely he must have dropped some on the floor, so went his muddled thinking. I left right away as he tried to get high off what was certainly a small white pebble.

The government keeps shooting up the junkie marketplace, and sure enough, things swoop up for a bit, all the junkies feel fine, but alas, it does not last, and ever more quickly, the financial meth high goes away.

Some time soon we will get to the financial meth equivalent of toking on a small white pebble in a desperate attempt to get high.  I feel very sorry for the many people who got sucked into the parasitical Wall Street scam.  I hope this event is enough to teach entire generations some prudence and financial wisdom.


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