Discombobulating Republican Candidates for Congress

It seems as though I’ve given some Republicans a minor case of heartburn.  In late March I sent all of the members of the State Legislature a “Woe to the Rich” broadsheet that focused on the immigration issue.  It quoted a lot from the Bible about our duty of hospitality to strangers in our midst.  Comes now the NW Republican Club, which apparently had a debate this week featuring the (then) four announced candidates for the Oklahoma City congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Istook.  Somebody who attended the event taped it and the last question had to do with the broadsheet I sent wearing my Catholic Worker hat to the legislature.  The way the question is asked, and the answers, are both a real hoot. http://www.bobwaldrop.net/GOP-debate-question.mp3 .

I certainly have been called worse by better, but it sure is interesting to see these supposedly religious conservatives distancing themselves from the plain and simple words of the Bible.  I guess they believe the Bible is God’s Word except for all the parts that disagree with the Republican Party platform.  

The Bible teaches clearly and without any ambiguity that the rich and powerful who oppress the poor are going to hell.  The Bible says “Blessed are the poor” and it also says “Woe to the rich.”  If people (such as the Republican party candidates for Contress) don’t like that message, they should take it up with God.  I’m sure He will be impressed by their opposition.


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  3. darren says:

    You quacks are so far out of context it is not even funny. Why don’t you try reading the ENTIRE bible instead of just the parts that you need to make your point. If all christians are supposed to be poor, then how are we supposed to spread the word???

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