Food deliveries last Saturday

Last Saturday we made 331 deliveries. 75 of them were to families of 4 or more. Here is what we delivered.

Everyone got a bag with:

Rice (2 lb)
Pasta (1 lb)
potatoes (5 lbs)
1 Can each of green beans, corn, green peas, spaghetti sauce
1 12 oz jar peanut butter
4-5 “lottery” cans or boxes (we get boxes of mixed misc cans and boxes from the food bank, so it is a lottery as to what people get, e.g. 1 person may get canned tuna, the next one canned oysters, the third one another can of corn, etc)

Families of 4 or more got a second bag with:

4 lbs carrots
1 onion
2 apples
2 oranges
1 bunch celery
4 pack of yogurt
Grated cheese (8 oz)

Plus an extra jar of peanut butter, and some extra miscellaneous cans and boxes.

40 families received a turkey.
10 families who received a turkey also received an additional box of food donated by Epiphany parish.

We are grateful to our benefactors, whose donations of food and money made these deliveries possible, and also to the Regional Food Bank in Oklahoma City, for its generosity to us.

Many thanks to the 30 or so people who showed up and helped sort all this food into bags and deliver them to families in the area. In case you’re curious, it takes about an hour to make up the bags

And many thanks to Marcus Evans and the folks at the Dorothy Day Center of St. Charles parish, our food warehouse.

We’ll do this again in December, on the 18th. Meet at Epiphany Church at 9 AM. Park in the west parking lot, enter at the Family Life Gymnasium entrance.

Donations to help our work may be made payable to Catholic Worker House and sent to 1524 NW 21, OKC 73106, or sent via paypal to .

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