A comment from a Midfirst employee.

Earlier this month I made a little comment about Midfirst Bank and my household’s less-than-complimentary-experiences with said banking institution.  Well, I had a very interesting message left on my home phone (which is listed in the phone book), so interesting in fact that I listened to it several times and wrote it out to share with everyone, leaving out the identifying info, of course.

So here it is, a transcript of a message actually left on my home phone voice mail:

I just wanted to say that I read your article about Midfirst Bank and as a current Midfirst Bank employee, I wanted to say that that is the most accurate description of the letter they sent out that I have heard anybody say.  Honestly they have been telling us all kinds of lies about this thing and trying to get us to pull the wool over our customers’ eyes. For that reason, and other similar reasons, I took a sick day today so I could look for another job. I despise my job at Midfirst and thank you for writing an article like that.

There you go.  We’re still waiting for the bank statement to arrive so we can go in and have our little confrontation with the bank.  I bet we end up picketing the branch (NW 23 and May).  Won’t that be fun?

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  1. ewsimms says:

    I am a little late on this response; but I too have written a complaint to Midfirst management concerning overdraft fees as well. In my case I had an amount in my account. I swiped my card 3 times in one day, all of which was less than the amount in the account. The amount was deducted from my “available balance”. I then swiped two times the next day as well. I did not have enough money in my account to cover both swipes; however, on that same day the three previous swipes tried to post. According to their computer programs processing schema, I did not have any money in my account to cover the actual “posts” (keep in mind the amount of the three initial swipes were immediately deducted from the “available balance”, so the money was there the previous day). Midfirst Bank then proceeded to charge me FOUR overdraft fees!! Though I had money in my account to cover 4 out of 5 swipes, because of the way that they “process” their debit cards, I was liable for four overdraft fees. None of the swipes in any combination totaled more than the original amount in the account. But since they process debit swipes from the “available balance” amount, then they were able to assess the overdraft fees! Anyone could see that the money was not “available” because you had already taken it out the previous day for the same amount!! In essence, by the computer processing schema, you had better have the amount that you swipe x 2 in your account because they will not check against your “current balance”! Top management has said that they see nothing wrong with this processing. It is both unethical and dishonest. They know a problem exists and refuse to make any changes.

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