Cooperatives, Deflation, Peak Oil, Food Storage

It’s my opinion that cooperatives offer working people the best chance of preserving their economic opportunities going forward into the coming troubles.  Here is an article that explains how the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain carry out their worker-owned businesses.

Mondragon Cooperatives and the global economic meltdown. 

I have somewhere around 60 blogs and news feed linked on My Yahoo home page. But there are only a small handful where I read everything. One of them is the Automatic Earth.

This links to a transcript of an interview with one of the two people behind the Automatic Earth website with Jim Puplava of the Financial Sense site. Stoneleigh lays out what I think is the most likely scenario going forward, especially over the next five years. She seems to think we have about 5 years left and things will go increasingly dystopic at that point.

This article is from the inimitable Dimitri Orlov, the Mogambo Guru of  peak oil. His turn of the phrase is remarkable for someone who is not a  native English speaker.

Among other gems, the article contains this phrase, which I think should become the description de jure of the oil industry:

“As EROEI decreases from 10:1 toward 1:1, the oil industry comes to resemble an obese but famished wet-nurse ravenously sucking her own breast at the crib of a starving infant.”

Finally, if these links get you concerned — and you should be — here are two posts of mine to my bobaganda blog (where I write primarily about food and food politics issues), on food storage:

And in case you missed it first time around — the Compendium of Useful Knowledge, access to 2 gigabytes of info that should be helpful going forward into troubled times.

Y’all bon appetit!

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