It’s not over until it’s over.

It was a carefully crafted photo-op moment.  The Tyrant Emperor himself himself spoke from the Sanctum Sanctorum of American government, the Imperial Oval Office, his desk swept clean of clutter— the very same desk where the previous Tyrant Emperor, George Bush II announced the beginning of the Iraq war — the American and Tyrant Emperor flags in the background, pictures of his family including his children carefully arranged behind him.  We’re done, he said, we’ve “met our responsibilities to the Iraqi people”.  Now we’re going to do something else.

Those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, however, received a different message.  As I watched the Tyrant Emperor, I saw him surrounded by the myriads of victims of the unjust war on the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan.  When he opened his mouth to speak, I heard the voices of the victims of this war cry out to history for justice and remembrance.  And fortunately, smell-a-vision has not been invented, or I would certainly have smelled the stench of death which surrounds him and all those who supported this unjust imperial adventure.

It’s not over until it’s over, and anyone who thinks we have heard the last of this tragedy is delusional.  The violence will continue.  The political situation will continue to deteriorate.  The hand of God’s judgment will continue to fall upon the American people for our willing and enthusiastic embrace of war to secure oil and resources to feed our gluttonous appetities.   “Sow not in furrows of injustice,” the Bible says, “lest you reap a seven-fold harvest.”  We leave behind millions of people who have lost friends and family to our injustice towards Iraq, going all the way back to the embargo on the Iraqi civilian economy in the 1990s, proclaimed and enforced by the Tyrant Emperors George Bush I and Bill Clinton, and on through the war on the people of Iraq that began in 2003 and continues to this day.   Do you think they love us?  How many terrorists have we created by our wars?  How many have sworn on the blood of their murdered children to seek revenge against the United States?

As that seven-fold harvest of our injustice rolls over this land, we will all wish that we had made different decisions.  But we didn’t, and we aren’t making better decisions today.  So it comes to pass that our destiny is the ash heap of history, and we are well advanced in that journey.

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