The problem with Al Gore

Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook (yes, I at least glance at it most days) points out that Al Gore remains an important person “to the Left”, mostly regarding environmental issues and climate change, linking Darren Samuelsohn’s “Gore, but not forgotten article” today. . . thus showing how short the memories are of those who should know better.

The fact about Al Gore is that he is a mass murderer.

He was Clinton’s Vice President, and thus presided over the infamous blockade of the Iraqi civilian economy that resulted in the deaths of a million Iraqis in the 1990s, half of them children.

So his hands drip with the blood of the innocent.

He’s not the only one.  There’s plenty of moral guilt to go around here.  But he was VP for 8 years and NOT ONCE did he ever dissent from the policy. He didn’t condemn it when he ran for president.  He is certainly guilty of material cooperation with the murder of the innocent.

But that doesn’t matter apparently.  As I have often said, we Americans generally feel we have the right to kill anyone we want who gets in the way of our grand national objectives.  The fact that most of these people are poor and non-white is immaterial.  They get in our way, we kill them.  That’s true for Republicans, and its true for Democrats.  And so it comes to pass that we are at ever-increasing risk of terrorism, war, and death right here in the heart of the US homeland.  There are millions of people out there who are related to, or were friends with, people who are dead because of our actions.  Do you think they love us?  Do you think they understand that we of course only acted from the highest of motives and the deaths of their loved ones while regrettable were not avoidable?  I don’t think so.  Our policy of callously disregarding the consequences to civilians of our wars and blockades and etc creates new armies of terrorists all over the place.  We joke about being the Great Satan, but to millions of people out there, it’s no joke.

And then there’s that little passage in the Bible — “Sow not in furrows of injustice lest you reap a seven-fold harvest.”

So, tiresome as it must be to my readers, I once again remind all that Al Gore, as well as Bill Clinton, George Bush I, George Bush II, et al, are mass murderers.  While I’m sure Christian forgiveness is important, it’s not up to me to forgive them.  Our job is to remember and learn, and as long as we praise and glorify mass murderers, mass murder will continue to be a standard policy in our national security tool-kit.  The voices of our victims cry out to history for justice and remembrance.  To praise Al Gore or Bill Clinton or George Bush is to urinate on their graves.

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