Oops on Route 8 OKC Metro bus system

So there I was, 820 this morning, sitting at the clearly marked bus stop at N Indiana and NW 21, waiting for the bus.  830 came and went, no bus.  Oh well, I figured, he must have been running early and I probably just missed him.  Fortunately, I had brought reading materials and that bus bench is nicely shaded by the foliage of the little Gatewood Park, so I sat and read for a while and then I noticed it was 940 and still no bus, so I decided to call the Metro number on the bus stop sign, and I was told, “Oh, we don’t stop there anymore.  Outbound the bus turns west on NW 16 and then runs up Pennsylvania.”

“Why didn’t you take down the bus stop sign then?”  “I don’t know sir, that’s not my job.”  She offered to take a complaint from me, which I went ahead and did.  I guess some time in the next month or two they will get around to taking down that bus stop sign. The customer service rep seemed to think it had been a while since that stop had been discontinued, and it has been a couple of months since any of us have taken the outbound bus.  The inbound bus, which we have taken, still goes down Indiana right past that stop on the other side of the street, so pardon me if I didn’t stop to scrutinize one of the Metro system’s confusing maps before heading out to the bus stop this morning.  After all, being only a customer, any inconvenience we suffer because of the incompetence of management doesn’t matter to OKC.  If, when I had shown up this morning, I had not seen a bus stop sign, I would certainly have called the bus system right away to findout what was up.  Then I would probably have walked a few more blocks west to Penn and got the bus and made it to work today.  Instead, I am taking a vacation day.

There’s no excuse for discontinuing a bus stop and leaving the bus stop sign in place.

Isn’t it odd that Oklahoma City has ambitions to be a world class city, yet it can’t even manage to take down a bus stop sign after it discontinues a bus stop?  I guess the City’s too busy signing corporate welfare checks for big businesses to take care of business that impacts ordinary people.

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