Yee-Haw! Another methamphetamine jolt for the financial markets.

Following the announcement of the discovery of a giant supply of financial methamphetamine from the European money drug labs, world markets soared as the drug rush hit all the usual junkies.  The latest hit was “just-in-time”, since most of the addicts had been a bit quesy since the recent near-thousand-point wilt in the US stock markets.  Happy times indeed are here again. . .  until of course this rush fades and the queasy feelings set in, and people start getting restless and antsy and worried about where they are going to get their next financial high.  Each high, of course, moves us one step closer to the day when the drug no longer works, but hey, why think about the future while we are relaxing into that intense and comforting financial methamphetamine high?

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