Interesting Times

These are certainly interesting times.

On one hand, we have the huge on-going oil spill in the Gulf.

+ Not a peep about any connection with terrorism.  I’m not saying it was terrorism or sabotage, but given the climate right now, it’s interesting to me that the possibility is not even being mentioned speculatively.  Or maybe I’m just getting paranoid in my elder years.  It’s just that when the powers that be are devoutly pointing our attention in one direction, I always wonder what is going on elsewhere.

On the other hand, we have chaos in the financial markets. 

+ Meanwhile, there was a veritable riot on Wall Street today, at one point the Dow was down 900+ points, ending the day down 347 something points.  No connection of course with the Gulf oil spill, although there are some truly scary predictions being bandied about of the economic consequences of the spill.  The Greeks are rioting in their streets over the proposed IMF/European austerity measures. 

And on the third hand, there is the most recent failed terrorist act in Times Square.

+ What was up with that?  Are the terrorists as clumsy and inept as they are appearing these days?

The present situation, in its totality, with numerous crises roiling about the globe, reminds me of something folks used to say about the old Soviet Empire, that they could contain crises in maybe one or two satellite countries in their empire at once, but wouldn’t be able to withstand an uprising everywhere at once.  And as things happened, that turned out to be true.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to do what I do.  I retired this month as president of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, and took a board seat created for past-presidents.  I started a new blog this week,  which will be about the politics and practicalities of local food and the local food movement.

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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