Dear Meg Salyer and Mick Cornett

Dear Ms. Salyer,

Besides living in your district, I am also president of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, which has an operations center at 1300 SW 15th, also in your district. Our membership statewide is right at 3,000, several HUNDRED of which live in YOUR district, and about half of them live in Oklahoma City.  Unfortunately, SW 15th going west from South McKinley has been closed for going on two months now.  Since the Penn and Western bridges are closed, and apparently will never re-open thanks to ODOT and its various perpetual construction programs, the closure of SW 15th impacts the ability of our producers and customers to reach our operations location.

I understand that the Oklahoma City Council is very busy being the Super Economic Development Team, and doesn’t really care about the inconvenience and problems it causes citizens and taxpayers, but some of us are trying very hard to earn sales tax dollars for Oklahoma City to pay for all of y’all’s grandiose dreams, and it doesn’t help when WITH NO NOTICE TO IMPACTED BUSINESSES, Oklahoma City closes access roads and then never even bothers to let people know when the roads might be open again.  I understand that work has to be done, but is Oklahoma City so incompetent that it doesn’t know WHEN a road will be closed, and HOW LONG the citizens will be inconvenienced? 

This afternoon, as members of the Oklahoma Food Coop show up fpr Delivery Day griping about the roads, and the hassle of getting to the operations center, I will be sure to tell them that OKC government doesn’t care about the inconvenience its operations cause the citizens, because, after all, it doesn’t have to care, it’s the City, and the concerns of citizens who aren’t big developers or sports teams of oil companies just don’t count for much at City Hall.

Bob Waldrop
1524 NW 21
OKC, OK 73106

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