Rejoice Comrades! OKC Council Strikes Resounding Blow Against Private Property!

This is a guest editorial, our first.;), from one of my eclectic suite of acquaintances. . . I had to edit it a bit as old Iosip is sometimes too plain spoken.

Today marks another victory in the long struggle to destroy the property rights of citizens of Oklahoma City who do not make significant campaign donations to appropriate public servants of the City. 

The City Soviet, Council, voted overwhelmingly to abolish private property rights in a 692 acre area between downtown and the North Canadian River.  The City will now be able to take the properties at gun point, use due process in a rigged courtroom in a courtroom presided over by a truly patriotic judge, and give them on favorable terms to crooks and thieves those who have shown their public responsibility and patriotism by making significant campaign donations to the Mayor and other favored City Soviet Council members.

The Oklahoma City Soviet Council has a long history of making war on the right to own property.  It wasn’t so long ago that the City Soviet Council, destroyed the Deep Deuce area and drove the African American community further awy from downtown, paying them cheap prices for their properties which are now quite valuable. Today, patriotic and well-connected developers are able to reap major financial gains from that particular due process pogrom urban renewal scheme  program.

The Oklahoma City Soviet Council, has always been clever about such schemes central planning urban renewal programs. Thanks to their hard work, no one who does not contribute significantly to the work of the commissars can rest secure in the knowledge that they own their property.  Such people can only “own” property as long as someone who does show public responsibility and patriotism by supporting said commissars council members, does not want their property.

As an added bonus, this pogrom program, will likely put several long-established businesses out of business, creating even more unemployment in the City and making people even more dependent.

This is very nice work, and I urge all patriotic and publicly responsible citizens to hail this latest victory against those antiquated Constitutional principles that protect private property rights.  All pigs may be equal, but some are certainly more equal than others in Oklahoma City, and that’s why so many crooks and thieves public spirited developers and contractors, are attracted to this City.


Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. 

Long Live the People’s Soviet of Oklahoma City! 


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    Excellent editing there, Bob. Love it!

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