The continued oppression of the poor by Oklahoma City government.

OKC Council Ok’s $2 million for for whitewater park startup costs.

Once again the OKC Council proves its willingness to pay any amount of money for any half baked scheme from well connected downtown players, paid for with its continued refusal to properly fund a functional bus system that would benefit hundreds of thousands of city residents.

This money, taken from the GENERAL FUND, is money that could have been used to increase bus service. But no, we can’t do that, can we. OKC would be a disaster if lower income people could ride the bus to get to work, shop, learn, and educate. Then they would better be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, as our Mayor and City Council are constantly advising them. That would not be appreciated by all the businesses who profit from a large pool of unemployed and underemployed workers desperate for WORK AT ANY PRICE.

Further, the Council members obviously believe that one of the primary resolutions for the “problem” of “too many poor people” is that lower income households should abort their unborn children due to their financial desperation. So this is one more incident of a long line of crimes committed by OKC government against poor people. The hands of every person connected with this latest financial travesty drip with the blood of the innocent children killed by abortion because of the financial desperation of their parents, who can’t get good work because they don’t have adequate transportation and most jobs in OKC are NOT accessible via the bus system.

Jesus Christ said that all who oppress the poor burn in hell forever. I wonder how all these powerful city politicians and developers, who have prospered so much by leaving the poor behind for the wolves of life to deliver, will feel when at their judgement, they fall into the hands of demons cackling in the bowels of hell. Will they think their fancy downtown Potemkin Village built with the blood of the poor was worth their eternal damnation?

These kinds of people, despite some protestations of piety, are functionally atheists and don’t really believe that there are any eternal consequences for their narcissism, greed, and corruption. But Christ was plain in Matthew 25 as to the consequences of persecution of the poor. And as far as I am concerned, Jesus is God, and since God said it, I believe it, and that certainly settles the matter.

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