Five lessons to be learned from the failure of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

1. No good comes from hitching your political wagon to a team headed by a war criminal. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Honduras. Like the Mongols of old, we have been building pyramids of skulls, and that crusade has been a bipartisan affair– Democratic/Republican – from day 1 until today. Hillary played a major role in this. Whatever you want to say about Donald Trump, he isn’t a war criminal. He may be many other things (e.g. a “wannabee war criminal”), but at this time anyway his hands don’t drip with the blood of the innocent killed in our violent crusade against the Middle East. Hillary, on the other hand, has been pulling the political triggers driving violence in the Middle East and elsewhere for years.  Let us not forget that most of the dead  were poor and non-white and many were children.

Which is a reminder of an ancient moral principle – you cannot accomplish good by supporting evil.

2. The Democratic Party national nominating process, driven by the rules and regulations of the Democratic National Committee, is every bit as manipulative and rigged as anything in the Republican Party. Indeed, given the way that Bernie was treated by the DNC, the Democrats may be even more secretive, cronyesque, managed, and manipulative in their party nomination practices than the Republicans are.

3. If we want a humane political system in the United States, we can’t skip the necessary grassroots mass movement organizational efforts that would make that a political reality.  Before the Civil Rights laws could be passed and Jim Crow segregation could be abolished, African Americans and their allies did the hard work of organizing a grassroots mass movement that empowered people to work for change. Congress didn’t magically get a clue. The people forced the politicians to do the right thing.

4. People are saying “2020, 2020, 2020″. But what about 2017, 2018, 2019? Here in Oklahoma City, there are city council elections 2017 and 2019. Would you like a decent bus system? Municipal composting? Make the sprawl developers pay the full costs of their sprawl so they can’t shift their costs onto the taxpayers? How about an end to the phat welfare checks for the downtown business community? All we need to do is elect five people and a humane political agenda could control the OKC Council. There are three elections between now and 2020, and all three of those will have more impact on us here in Oklahoma than whatever happens in DC in 2020.

5. We are not automatically entitled to a good outcome absent our willingness to actually invest the work required for a good outcome. In other words, American Exceptionalism is a disease of nearly all political factions in the US and that delusion often blinds us to reality so we don’t do the work required for a good outcome because we think, you know, that we are entitled to that good outcome because, you know, we are the Americans! We are special! Entitled!

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