Endorsing Chris Powell for Oklahoma County Clerk

Below is my endorsement letter for Chris Powell, who is the Libertarian Party candidate for Oklahoma County Clerk.  The Democrats don’t have a candidate in that race, his opponent is somewhat sketchy even by Oklahoma Republican standards, sigh.  It’s a long shot to think a Libertarian might get elected, but to have the Republican character in such a responsible post in Oklahoma County for the next four years is not a prediction of good governance in our state’s largest population county.

September 20, 2016
To whom it may concern:

Oklahoma County needs a County Clerk who is honest, competent, and committed to public service. That’s why I am endorsing Chris Powell for election as Oklahoma County Clerk in the upcoming November 2016 election.

Chris has experience with legal processes and documents, a critical competency for this office. He is a notary public and has had experience as a life insurance agent, in the student loan industry and in personal financial services serving lower-income communities. He understands the necessity of handling public records properly and accurately.

Chris is committed to making records and services available. He strongly favors maximizing accessibility to public documents and data, while at the same time maintaining proper safeguarding of personal information that should be kept private. He has signed the FOI Oklahoma’s pledge to support open government.

Chris is a trustworthy and reputable member of the community. He has never lived anywhere but Oklahoma County, and he encourages people to search oscn.net to see that he has no embarrassing run-ins with law enforcement that would make the news. His opponent cannot say the same, having been convicted of DUI and with a somewhat checkered political career that includes long stretches of not-voting and flip-flopping between the Democratic and Republican parties.

I encourage anyone concerned about the future of Oklahoma County to vote for Chris Powell for County Clerk. It’s time we stopped voting for crooks and thieves and started electing some decent human beings to political office in Oklahoma. Electing Chris Powell would be a great way to kick start that process.

Yours for a hopeful Oklahoma future,

Bob Waldrop

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