Dear Mayor Mick Cornett —

I don’t understand.

I just saw you on the news bragging about how the city was spending $57 MILLION to build what amounts to flowing water amenities for canoe enthusiasts. Yet, when you were asked by a reporter from Politico why OKC doesn’t do more to help its low income residents, you basically said — “They should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.”

Given your expectations of poor people. . . Shouldn’t people who like to shoot the rapids and do canoe races pull themselves up by their own bootstraps? Or are the canoe enthusiasts somehow “special.”

You can never find enough money for the bus system which would help tens of thousands of people, yet you always seem to have money for sports amenities for your jock friends.

Isn’t sauce for the goose sauce for the gander? When this idea for river amenities was presented to you, you didn’t say — “Great idea! I support you 100% as you bootstrap your way into completing this project!” No, you said, “How much taxpayer money do you want?”

You make demands of the poor that you would never think of making of those who are not poor. You never lecture the downtown development community about how they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Instead, you take money away from schools, public health, public safety, and libraries and give it to rich guys to build buildings.

So, in other words, you are a political hypocrite and as all us native Okies know, hypocrisy is always popular in this state.  Your downtown that you are so proud of is a Potemkin Village that hides many ugly realities in this City.

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