A question for the state legislature: How many unborn babies are you planning to slaughter to balance the budget this year?

PRinc_photo_of_fetus_at_16_weeksIt’s a simple question, rooted in reality.

Poverty drives the abortion rates:

  • Women in poverty turn to abortion at a rate FIVE TIMES that of women who do not live in poverty.
  • Women in poverty can be so desperate because of crisis pregnancies that they will spend rent, utilities, and food money to pay for abortions.
  • 42% of women having abortions are poor.
  • While abortion rates for women with incomes twice the poverty level are declining, abortion rates for women with incomes below 2x the poverty line are increasing.
  • In a 2005 study, 73% of women choosing abortion said financial desperation drove their decision.  A 2008 study had 69% of women choosing abortion had incomes below 2x the poverty level.
  • The 2008-2009 recession drove up abortion rates among poor women.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill in Okie the Shakey City. . . the Legislature is slashing the handful of tax credits that benefit the poor (the state earned income credit, child care credit, and low income sales tax refund) and proposing to toss 100,000 people — mostly women and mothers — out of the Medicaid system.

Given the economic realities of the drivers of abortion, these Republican proposals to balance the budget on the backs of low income households are radically pro-abortion.  So the question for the Legislature is — how many unborn babies are they willing to slaughter at abortion clinics so they can maintain the many welfare checks they are writing to industries and businesses that are politically well connected?


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