On the political theater of modern life: a resolution. Of sorts. Probably not popular but that could change.

Warning: outpouring rant/lament follows

A Satanic church wants to put a statue on the lawn of the Oklahoma
Capitol featuring Satan with little children sitting in his laugh. A big
Baphomet style Satan. They’re citing the 10 commandments statue as a
precedent. The State Supreme Court rules that the 10 commandments statue has to go.  So there is moaning and groaning from the political establishment, much gnashing of teeth and threatening of IMPEACHMENTS and AMENDMENTS to the Oklahoma Constitution.

I refuse to invest much in this tempest in the Oklahoma goobermint
teapot. It’s all political theater, designed to distract ourselves from
REAL IMPORTANT questions whose answers could make a difference if
demanded and secured and acted upon.

Same with the “woe is us we are going to be oppressed Christians because
homosexuals can now get a civil marriage.”

As far as I am concerned it is blasphemy to say that the United States is a Christian nation, because we are not now, and we never have been, at any point in our history, anything remotely like a “Christian nation”. (Hint: Jesus is not about genocide and greed.)

But I also say So what?

Christendom has always been a curse to the Church of Jesus Christ! It’s
a concept crafted in the mind of demons who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. The Catholic Church and the Protestant and
Orthodox Churches (and the Latterday Saints and all the rest) have all
trifled with Christendom for so long the leaders believe their own

The reality is: The government of the US is not our friend. It is not
doing the work of the Lord. It is an evil dark regime crafted in the
bowls of hell, disguised like Satan himself as an angel of light. All
who invest in it will lose everything and then some. This indeed is the
time to check the signs of the times, and note the dust of the
approaching legions rising over the hills, and get the you-know-what out
of Babylon-Dodge. By that I don’t mean a panic
evacuation into the countryside, but rather cutting your emotional and
mental ties to the rulers of this world and building new structures in the midst of the collapsing ruins of the old. With a sense of urgency, as though time is running
out. Because it is.

The chess pieces are falling into place worldwide.
US sends heavy equipment to Eastern Europe and the Baltics while the
Russians pledge tit for our tat. Meanwhile, the Chinese are creating
real estate, facts on literally new ground they are building, in the midst of contested ocean
waters. Syria is a murderous grinding machine producing death and
despair but its hard to see who’s got the advantage, if any. Iraq is
being dismembered, Iran is maneuvering and people speculate about the
Saudis buying nukes from the Pakistanis.

The show always goes on. Every few months there is a New and Improved
Evil Enemy, and each one is more barbaric and terrible than the
previous. There are new weapons, sure to ensure our success! A soap
opera prevails in international affairs. People endlessly fret and
obsess on big names and consent is manufactured to order.

Greece may be on the verge of a Grexit (obviously a deliberate attack on
the world economy by fanatical and obdurate Greeks) and Russia is
standing right there, egging them on and arms out-stretched, ready to do
solidarity with its Orthodox Grecian Brothers and Sisters. Much more so
than the Catholic and Lutheran Germans, that’s for sure. Those German
bankers and politicians are really something, aren’t they? They already
seem to have forgotten what kind of results extreme economic
exploitation of a nation can call forth. Let us with sadness remember
the Weimar Republic, hyperinflation, and the rise of the nazis. You
would think that being destroyed twice in a century would have taught
them something but apparently it was less than we might have hoped.

Everywhere, people in governments are running around, stomping big black
boots in patterns dictated by that Ministry of Silly Walks, making great
huffs and puffs about the evils of the rival and the glories of the

Here’s the deal, and it’s simple. If we live, we live to the Lord. If we
die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live, or whether we die,
we are the Lord’s. And I recall something about Peter and the Rock and
the Gates of Hell not prevailing. See also Paul to the Romans — “Do
not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” And both Paul and
the Romans should know something about that, considering what Rome ended
up doing to Paul and most of that early first Church.

So why not just give up fretting about things and get busy doing
something about this on rush to doom? We may not be able to evade it,
but maybe we could manage it. There’s no way to design that response,
it involves everybody, necessarily, and everyone can do something.
Don’t wait for doom to become obvious to mitigate its consequences.
Grow beyond yourself. Find new reservoirs of knowledge we didn’t even
know that we knew. Commit deliberate works of beauty, justice, love, and mercy in the face of structures of evil, domination, war, and subjugation.

There are those things we discovered that we don’t know, we should work on those.

And for all the things that we don’t know that we don’t know, may the consequences of our ignorance be merciful.

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