The story is not over yet.

This battle is over. But the struggle continues and the story has more to come.

I lost this election.  I received 497 votes, 39.6%.  Meg Salyer received 675 votes, 53.7%.  Dario Alverado received 84 votes, 6.7%.

But. . . there’s more to this story.  All or part of 28 precincts are in Ward 6.

  • 1/3 of Meg’s votes came from one precinct, #204, Heritage Hills and Mesta Park. Not surprising.
  • I carried 13 precincts.
  • Dario + me carried 2 precincts.
  • Dario + me tied Meg in one precinct.  Meg carried 7 precincts.
  • 2 precincts had no votes (they were small portions of precincts that were mostly in other wards).
  • I carried every precinct south of the river except for two, one of which had only two votes.

Meg raised $100,000.  I don’t know if she spent all that or not, but if she did her votes cost her $148 each.

I raised a little less than $5,000. So my votes cost me about $10/each.

I’m not embarrassed by losing against an entrenched incumbent with a $100K war chest.  If I were Meg Salyer, however, I would be embarrassed by the fact that after six years in office, and a hundred grand in campaign money, only 675 out of 77,000 people cared enough about her to get out and vote for her.

Four years ago, about 2200 people voted in this race.  Today only 1,256 voted.

One bright ray of sunshine was that Ed Shadid was re-elected by a comfortable margin with 3 opponents, two of whom raised substantial amounts of money, one of whom outspent him by a large margin.  So there will remain a voice for transparency and justice on the council and a lot can be done with this.

In the meantime, I intend to rest a bit, get ready for Easter, and plot my next organizing moves because if anyone thinks that Ward 6 has heard the last of me, well, that will not be the case. I met a lot of great people who put their faith in me and I promised I would not abandon them after the election.  I intend to go ahead with a survey of the infrastructure of the ward and to start holding a series of town meetings in the area.

So I’m still in the fundraising business, as continuing this organizing campaign will cost some money.  I’m thinking chili and cornbread to start with.

Thanks to everyone who supported me.  Especially David Glover and Sean Cummings and Susan McCann and Ed Shadid plus campaign workers Jon Riley, Terry Craghead, Malcolm Zechariah, and everybody who pitched in their ten or twenty or hundred bucks.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

If you didn’t listen to my election day playlist, you should.  There’s more than one story therein.


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