A letter to my neighbors in Ward 6.

Dear neighbors,

There’s a city council election coming up on March 3rd. As I drive around Ward 6, I see a lot of “deferred maintenance” situations. I see potholes that have been there for years. Often there’s water seeping, which suggests that there is an underlaying problem with the water pipes that isn’t being addressed. I see neighborhoods that have no curbs and gutters.

I see a police force with the same number of police officers in 2015 that it had in 1995. Yet, our population is up 33%. Overtime is nearly universal. Crime cost me personally more than a thousand dollars in out of pocket costs in 2014. My car was stolen once, and an attempt was made to steal it a second time. Each time I had to replace the steering column and make other repairs because of the vandalism. I hear from my neighbors about thieves following delivery trucks and stealing packages and problems with drivers recklessly speeding through residential neighborhoods running stop signs.

In the next four years Oklahoma City will make major decisions regarding nearly two billion dollars for city projects that will take 20 years to complete. We need a bigger table to ensure that every part of Ward 6 benefits from these decisions. For example. . . there is a Tax Increment Financing district that goes as far south as SW 29th in Ward 6. Of the $85 million spent thus far, $82 million was spent north of the river, and $3 million has been allocated – but not spent yet – south of the river for an OCCC extension in the Capitol Hill area. Obviously, the next MAPs plan should be “MAPs for Neighborhoods.” The continued diversion of property tax money away from the schools contributes to our education problems.

Sure there are lots of exciting things going on in this town, it’s not all doom and gloom. But while some have prospered, others have not, and there are serious questions about the way city tax resources are spent.

Let’s do something about these issues. Call me at 405-200-8155 and tell me what’s happening in your neighborhood. If you need to register to vote, the deadline is February 6th. (I can help you register and/or request an absentee ballot.) You can also visit my website at www.bob4okc.net to learn more about me and how I approach the issues. I am available to speak at meetings in the ward. Starting in February I will be holding “Breakfast with Bob” gatherings in Ward 6 where you could meet me personally at a local restaurant and get to know me. Thanks for this moment of your time. I would be grateful for your vote on March 3rd! Please stay in touch!

Your neighbor for Oklahoma City,

Bob Waldrop

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