20 years of lies about Oklahoma’s Crosstown Freeway Project

I’ve been so busy with all the rest of my life — you know, things like picking Colorado potato beetles off the potato plants, watering the tomatoes, doing choreography for Vacation Bible School and etc — that I have been completely neglecting my civic duty to rail at politicians, corrupt bankers, and hypocritical bishops.  Well, today I REPENT of such civic duty slackness and bring news of TWENTY YEARS of Oklahoma government lies and crimes relating to the infamous Oklahoma City Crosstown Freeway Relocation Project.

I have a long history with this project, beginning the day my godson Josh and I showed up for the press conference commencing the project, with a sign reading “Woe to the rich who steal the land of the poor” and I preached a 10 minute or so “You’re all going to hell for oppressing the poor” sermon to the assorted dignitaries present, including the Governor, the Mayor, a congresscritter or two, and the various lobbyists who would be lapping up the money gravy of this project.

My good friend Dr. Ed Kessler, has compiled an excellent two part article detailing the many crimes/lies of the government relating to this project, which is publishing in two parts today and tomorrow in the Norman Transcript.  Here are the links — read them, and pass them along to everyone you know.  We need to jump start a sustainable transportation revolution right here in Oklahoma, and the only way to do that is to organize a massive protest.  Use your social networking utilities to get the word out!

Two Decades of Deceit Part 1

Two Decades of Deceit Part 2

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  1. timlarason says:

    Wondering, why are trains being rerouted through Capitol Hill when one line still exists going past Union Station?


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