Ten Reasons Why I’m Voting for Dr. Ed Shadid for Mayor of Oklahoma City!

1. Dr. Ed Shadid is a real person of compassion, conviction, and responsibility. He is concerned about the future of Oklahoma City. He has kids, he wants a city for them to grow up in, a place where they will want to live and raise their own children, his grandkids-to-be. He has gone down into the valley of the shadow of death and come back having learned hard lessons that serve him well in his work as a doctor and a leader in Oklahoma City.

2. Dr. Ed Shadid will be a mayor who serves the common good. He will not be the tool of special interests out to enrich themselves at the taxpayer’s expense. He is the only true fiscal conservative in this race, warning us of major spending boondoggles already in the Mick Cornett’s pipeline, that will squander hundreds of millions of scarce taxpayer dollars for very risky and speculative returns.

3. Dr. Ed Shadid is confident in the soundness of his beliefs, proposals, and record. He is not afraid to meet the Mayor for an open debate on the issues of this election and the merits of their respective candidacies.

4. Mick Cornett is a political coward who lacks conviction in his own beliefs, proposals, and record. His refusal to debate Ed Shadid is proof of this statement. Why is he afraid to debate Dr. Ed Shadid? What does he have to hide? What is he worried will come out in a debate?

5. Mick Cornett is not interested in being mayor for all the City, in all of its diversity. Almost all of his appointments to city boards and commissions have been white men. He has been ignoring the needs and issues of neighborhoods for his entire tenure as mayor. He is building roads and sidewalks in developments where no people live while other densely populated neighborhoods lack sidewalks and decent streets. There’s a pothole at the intersection of NW 21 and McKinley that’s been there for ten years! Every so often someone comes out and throws some asphalt into it, but that doesn’t last long, because there’s an underlying problem that never gets fixed. Yet, somehow, Oklahoma City has plenty of money for sidewalks on streets with no houses.

6. Mick Cornett is not a friend to the local food movement. The Mayor of Oklahoma City appoints the majority of the members of the Oklahoma City County Health Department, and the local food movement has no friends or champions there. It has exceeded its authority in the regulations it promulgated for the implementation of the Cottage Food Act passed last year by the Legislature.

7. Mick Cornett is not a friend to entrepreneurs attempting to start small businesses. The OKC permit and licensing bureaucracy can be a nightmare for everyone except big businesses. If you talk to three different people about the legal hoops you need to jump through, you may very well get three different answers, all contradictory, as to what is required. If you’re a big business, of course, Mick will not only roll out the red carpet, he will write you checks using other people’s money. But if you are an ordinary person, maxing out your credit cards to start a business, you will find no help from Mick Cornett’s City Hall.

8. Mick Cornett is not a friend to homeowners attempting to maintain their homes. The City’s permit office is not customer friendly. It is characterized by long lines, employees who are not well trained in the code requirements, and a “who cares” attitude among the staff, who don’t appear to understand that there is a thing called the “internet” that could be used by its customers to apply for many routine permits, saving time and money for the City, contractors, and homeowners. When I renovated my house, I had to make three trips downtown because three different employees told me contradictory information about what I needed to do. That’s stupidity, but it’s business as usual in the OKC bureaucracy under Mick Cornett’s leadership.

9. If we follow Mick Cornett’s policies to their logical conclusion, the result will be the degentrification of our suburban neighborhoods, a process that has already started and is accelerating. Those who doubt this should visit the 73127 and 73114 zip codes. Degentrification has a firm beachhead in the 73132 zip code also. If we follow Mick Cornett, twenty years from now the 73132 zip code will be a slum.

10. Mick Cornett is taking credit where the true credit should perhaps go elsewhere. His campaign literature makes it appear as though our current prosperity is due to his “wise leadership,” when in fact, Oklahoma City always booms the good times when energy prices are high, as they have been throughout his entire tenure as mayor.

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